IofC UK Reflections from the Caux Forum

Caux Palace welcomed participants from all over the world to join them in Montreux, Switzerland for this year’s Caux Forum 2023. People from over 70 countries gathered together in conferences, training, and dialogues to work together to bring about a more just, peaceful, and sustainable world. Two workshops were facilitated; ‘Healing the Wounds of the Past’ and ‘Trust and Integrity in Democracy’.

The experience of Caux is unique to each individual. We asked members and guests IofC UK staff who attended, facilitated, or supported during the Forum how they would sum up their experience in their own words.

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"It has been a sheer privilege to present the RRB™ programme for the first time since I have joined IofC. It has been a pleasure to share the stories and work of the Alumni and what they have done since the course." Dr Muna Ismail, Programme Lead RRB™

"It was wonderful to be part of the RRB™ workshops here at Caux this year. I am sincerely grateful to Dr Muna Ismail for giving me the opportunity to talk about the programme and what it has brought me." Dr Mariam Saleh, RRB™ Alumni

"For my first time in Caux, I am very happy to have met new people from many different backgrounds." Sacad, RRB™ Volunteer

"Caux this year has refreshed me after years of not seeing others due to Covid. The overflowing of joy, seeing old friends, and making new ones is breathtaking." Miranda Shaw, National Coordinator Creators of Peace UK

"Caux felt like the missing jigsaw piece to understanding the work of IofC. Having the opportunity to meet new people from all over the globe and to work closely with colleagues is a memory that will stay with me." Trudy Lister, Head of Marketing & Communications IofC UK

"I have learned it is possible that problems can be solved, you just have to start the journey." Josephine Amira, RRB™ Alumni

"It was wonderful, just wonderful; and very inspirational." Dr Margaret Apwonyokwe, RRB™ Alumni

"It was great to interact with so many people among the hundreds from all generations and parts of the world: fun, fascinating and thought-provoking. And to feel once again the spirit of Caux; so alive and well." Margaret Cosens, Chair of Trustees IofC UK

"Three words that capture my experience at Caux this, togetherness, and spirit filled." Elizabeth Laskar, National Coordinator Creators of Peace UK

"My experience at Caux has helped me to feel more connected to IofC and given me a more complete understanding of the work we do and those we help." Samantha Ward, Marketing & Communications Officer IofC UK

Stunning views from Caux Palace where the Caux Forum takes place.

Stunning views from Caux Palace where the Caux Forum takes place.

"I think there are serious young people who see the state of the world today and want to do something about it...and I am quite impressed by that." Elsa Vogel (second from left), IofC UK Fellowship

"Caux is getting better and better. Last time was good, this time great. Just to be under the room with people from 72 different countries is spiritual." Hood Ssempebwa, RRB™ Alumni

"I feel as if I have come back to my true self. This year at Caux, I have come out of my comfort zone and reconnected back to the bigger picture." Ira Mushkina, IofC UK

"For me, there has been a special encounter with the landscape, it's more beautiful than I imagined. I have also concentrated on inner listening, listening to my body and what it is telling me." Amanda Clements, Programme Coordinator RRB™

"Caux this year has brought three words to my mind. Listening, care, and together." Dr Jacqui Daukes, IofC UK

"It was my first time attending Caux Forum which was very exciting. I managed to meet and link up with so many people who share the same goal of Peace Building in the world. I learned from other people's experiences and I hope to take it further on the work I do on peace building in Sudan." Dr Marwa Gibril, RRB™ Alumni

"I feel humbled, reinvigorated, and connected." Johnny Mooney, RRB™ Musician

"Once again, Caux was an amazing experience. I attended different workshops and community groups where I enjoyed hearing from many diverse voices and perspectives." Ismail Moussa, RRB™ Alumni

"Attending the Caux Forum for the first time was a truly inspiring experience. I had the opportunity to connect with like minded individuals from all over the world; exchanging ideas and forging meaningful connection." Juneydi Farah, RRB™ Alumni

"This year at Caux, I've really enjoyed seeing the personal and the global coming together in one place." Su Riddell, IofC UK