Changemaker Stories

How artistic expression is helping towards my healing process

16th June 2022

Josephine Apira tells us how she began to release by sharing her journey from Uganda to the UK as a refugee through artistic expression, and how it has helped her to communicate some of her experiences. What happened to her family 30 years ago is still happening now in Uganda and her hope is to empower other refugees to use art to tell their individual stories this World Refugee Day and beyond.

RRB Impact Story: Khaled Kabash

16th March 2022

I am Khaled Kabash, 37 years old, a Syrian, a father to four children, an agriculture engineer, and currently a settled refugee in Turkey since…

The Gift of Service – Celebrating Our Volunteers

24th February 2022

Voices of Peace Issue 2 – February 2022 Reading time 12 mins The gift of time, service, dedication, passion, skills and energy continues to give…

A chance to let go of something

26th January 2022

Voices of Peace Reading time 5 mins Issue 1 – January 2022 This year we will be launching a series of Peace Circle stories and…

Your network is your ‘net worth’

19th November 2021

In 2019, Param Singh, who is part of our School for Changemakers alumni, was awarded an MBE for his outstanding business contributions. He tells Emma Brown and Gemma Perkins about this moment and how he believes a major key to his success was growing a network that would go on to become his ‘net worth’… 

Education doesn’t just happen through the education system

9th November 2021

Gemma Perkins is the Founder of the Self Leadership Initiative and has been volunteering with Initiatives of Change UK since the age of 21. She shares her deep affiliation with the School for Changemakers and how it has shaped her development path, more than her school years did...

Find what you love and never let it go

9th November 2021

Growing up, David Buxton always aspired to be a doctor but his head and his heart were pulling him in two different directions. David speaks to Emma Brown...

Reaching a wounded generation

2nd August 2021

Rumbi Mukoyi’s experience of not belonging spurred her to create African Youth Arise. She talks to Mary Lean.

Prayer Rug Selfies

9th September 2020

Marwan Bassiouni explores the relationship between photography, faith and the passing of time by photographing his prayer rug on a daily basis.

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