The worst form of government?

23rd November 2020

Winston Churchill famously said that democracy was the worst form of government…. except for all the others.

Unlocking potential during lockdown

11th November 2020

Quakers and Business invited Michael Smith to represent Initiatives of Change during their two-day international online forum on ‘Making Values Visible’. He spoke to the forum of some 40 people on 6 November. His words inspired a lively discussion during the meeting!

Friendship, sisterhood and teamwork

3rd September 2020

Amina Dikedi-Ajaikaye, President of Creators of Peace International, talks to Mary Lean ahead of the President’s Lunch on 5 September.

Leading by example

22nd August 2020

We’ve all heard of ‘leading by example’; its pretty easy to say, but most still struggle with following through. However, today leading by example carries more weight. Scandals are reported instantly, and pundits speak endlessly about how our leaders are failing us as a society. It makes you wonder –…

Threads of hope

27th April 2020

Finding Peace in India

14th February 2020

Marking the 10 year anniversay of School for Changemakers at Asia Plateau

The 2020s: a Decade of Reconnection?

2nd January 2020

New years and new decades are always an opportunity for review and re-evaluation of our personal and collective lives. We need (often painful) honesty before we can move towards resolutions to do better in the future. The Times columnist, Clare Foges thinks the 2010s has been ‘the decade of increasing…

“Ordinary lives, however grassroots and dull, are like gardens where unexpected and amazing flowers of change can grow”

10th October 2019

Nathalie Chavanne trustee, shares a personal reflection that beautifully conveys her innermost feelings and thoughts.

Getting Out of Traps

29th July 2019

These thoughts are based on a talk given at the Oxford Group AGM, London, 16 July 2019

Brexit or no Brexit, The UK Remains a Part of the European Ideal

28th March 2019

The European Union is far more than just an economic or political union. The European Union, and the continent it sits in, is at its best a geographical, cultural and spiritual union between peoples of a great range of ethnic, linguistic, religious and cultural heritages.

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