Friends Talk – Creators of Peace at Westminster Cathedral Hall

Friends Talk – Creators of Peace at Westminster Cathedral Hall

27th October 2022, 7:00pm to 9:00pm GMT

Join the heads of Creators of Peace UK Miranda Shaw and Elizabeth Lasker of Creators of Peace for a Friends Talk at Westminster Cathedral Hall!

Tickets: £10 at the door

Creators of Peace (COP) is a global network of people on each continent making a difference. Creators of Peace Circles are small gatherings of (usually) women who meet weekly or over a weekend with trained facilitators to explore what it means to create peace in the heart, home and community. It is a series of deep conversations that build community and connection, develop resilience, and ignite our capacities to build peace. Creators of Peace Circles guide participants through personal reflection and dialogue to an awareness of the needs in their own lives and communities. It encourages participants to explore paths toward creating peace. Peace Circles invite participants to move beyond blame to responsibility and creativity to find their unique contribution.

Participants connect with each other on a deep level and are guided toward the possibility of individual or joint action that they can take to meet the needs of their selves, families or communities. The Peace Circles are facilitated and create a space where women from diverse backgrounds or faiths can share their life stories in an atmosphere of trust and respect. Each Peace Circle intentionally seeks to reflect the diversity of the community from which it comes. Impact assessments have shown that our Peace Circles can be deeply healing and transformational to both individuals and communities. Through personal transformation, individuals experience inner peace and find a voice, sometimes for the first time, which leads to an awareness of a shared humanity with the ‘other’.

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