Intergenerational Dialogue for Social Cohesion with Migrants and Refugees

Intergenerational Dialogue for Social Cohesion with Migrants and Refugees

23-26 August, 10am-2pm

Initiatives of Change’s Sustainable Communities Programme in partnership with the Spanish NGO, Foro-Abraham is organising an exciting four- day Intergenerational and Interfaith Dialogue training from 23-26 August from 10am-2pm for all communities. The project is supported by the International Dialogue Centre (KAICIID) – Network for Dialogue.

We are delighted to be hosting the training under the aupices of the Somali Bravanese Welfare Association (SBWA) as part of their summer youth Programme for all communities living in Finchley and further afield. The event will take place at Tarling Road Community Hub.

Lockdowns and social distancing have caused widespread fear, loneliness and isolation. Further divisions between different communities and across generations have heightened during the pandemic. This training is an opportunity to breakdown social barriers and build trust. Participants will be able to reconnect and build relationships across the divides in a safe and Covid-friendly environment. They will be able to meet members from the migrant/ refugee and host communities alongside community leaders and special guests. The vision of the training is to:

· to build relationships across generations through dialogue and creativity

· to share skills for more effective communication around challenging issues faced across the generation of different faiths

· to forge broader cohesion between migrants/refugees and host community of different faiths and non

· to inspire a cross generational mentor-mentee relationship

• to empower people from diverse communities to become agents of change


A certificate will be provided to each participant, who successfully completes the training along with a gift as a token of gratitude.


All training expenses will be covered including refreshments and live entertainment

End of training celebration

A multicultural party in the park celebration with food, music, arts and crafts and entertainment

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