Peace in Practice

Peace in Practice

Saturday 16th September

From 10:30am – 5:00pm

Registration is currently full for this session, but if you are interested in learning more about Creators of Peace please email them at

A quiet day hosted by Creators of Peace UK and Initiatives of Change Oxford, based on the idea that effective peace is created in the world around us when we start the process of peace within ourselves. This day is an opportunity for a deeper exploration of IofC’s core practices, tested over generations: ways to access reflective, healing and inspirational space. Guided by experienced practitioners, come and settle into quiet time; consider values as a source of truth and renewal; reflect on what it means to commit to integrity.

This quiet day is for people of all faiths and beliefs, each seeking to deepen our own truth. The day will start with a guided session exploring IofC’s practice, with time to experience and reflect; lunch together; a longer space to be alone in silence (in a corner of the house, garden or the local park); finally regathering to hear from one another.

Facilitated by Su Riddell and CoP UK.

Coffee will be served from 10:00 am and lunch will be provided.

We can’t offer parking but can advise on travel. 

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