Refugees as Re-Builders™ Training Programme

Refugees as Re-Builders™ Training Programme

Commencing on Saturday, September 28th, featuring a series of 10 consecutive sessions, each taking place on a Saturday

Are you a settled refugee who wants to help rebuild your home country?

Do you find yourself wishing that NGOs and governments would do more?

As a refugee, you may be aware of the challenges faced by your diaspora and home communities. You’ve experienced these challenges first-hand, and you know exactly what’s needed.

Rather than hoping for top-down solutions, we believe that you can be the rebuilder that your community needs and we could provide you the capacity and tools to have an impact. Refugees as Re-Builders™ training is an ILM Assured capacity-building training programme which provides innovative, meaningful and relevant learning opportunities for settled refugees. Our training courses have been designed to strengthen the capability and expertise participants already possess as rebuilders, providing them with the resources and practical tools needed to help serve their communities and countries of origin.

The three interconnected modules are shown below map horizontally and progress vertically through three Stages:

The Foundation Stage is set to commence on Saturday, 28th September 2024, featuring a series of 10 consecutive sessions, each taking place all day on a Saturday at the Initiatives of Change UK centre at 24 Greencoat Place, London SW1P 1RD. The Intermediate and Advanced Stages will take place next year, with dates to be announced. Upon successful completion, you will receive ILM Assured accreditation. The fee for the accreditation is £55, which can be paid in instalments over 6 months.

Gaining an ILM Assured credential is a recognition that the learning programme is world-class and has been designed and delivered in ways which meet the global quality benchmarks for excellence.

For further information email us at:

Applications close on 31st August 2024. 

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