The ChangeMakers Collective

The ChangeMakers Collective

28th December 2023 – 2nd January 2024

The ChangeMakers Collective will bring together young changemakers (aged 18-35) from around the world to explore, in community, the issues of the world and their role in finding solutions. Rooted in the ideas of Initiatives of Change, the conference will focus on inner transformation towards outer impact with a strong focus on reflection.

This conference marks the starting point of this journey that will bring together a diverse group of youth working in various fields in their communities and collaborate with them to create a space where they can co-design their learning, challenge one another, learn from others experiences and to go back with clear tools that can transform the trajectory of their changemaking journey.

Conference Overview: 

This 6-days residential conference is designed for youth who are interested in inner work and committed to creating an impact in society.

The conference will have spaces of learning through, learning circles, personal reflection, workshops and plenaries that surfaces the wisdom present in the community by creating peer learning spaces and dialogue. We are building a community of youth that are committed to challenging the norm and creating a difference through inner work and collective leadership.

We will explore, together, the future, shape and implementation of community-based leadership and what is our way forward in creating an equitable and just society.

Our hope is that this conference strengthens your relationship with self, creates a global community of changemakers, redefines or refines your understanding of leadership and enables you with practical tools to make change sustainable and accessible.

Conference Themes:  

Inner Work: Inner transformation towards community change

Leadership: Building our practice of community centered leadership through tools exploring purpose in life, diversity, conflict transformation etc

Agency: Activating our purpose, decision making and amplifying voices of the underrepresented

Sustainability: Creating personal and collective practices in changemaking


Elements of the Conference: 

Early morning reflection/inner listening time

Plenaries and speakers

Bespoke workshops-School for Change Makers, UK will run a leadership track during the conference

Music and play, dialogue and small group interactions


About IofC India:

Initiatives of Change (IofC) is a worldwide movement of people of diverse cultures and backgrounds committed to transforming society through changes in human motives and behaviour, starting with their own. Our mission is to inspire, equip and connect people to address world needs, starting with themselves. We work worldwide on many initiatives through a network of individuals, groups and organisations.


About Panchgani & Asia Plateau:

Panchgani is located at an altitude of 1293 meters above sea level. This popular hill station is at a distance of 100 KMS from Pune and 280 KMS from Mumbai. You can reach Panchgani from either of these locations via public buses, private cars or cabs.

The programme will take place at the Asia Plateau campus, just at the start of Panchgani town. This 68-acre campus is well-equipped with residential buildings, conference rooms, trees, gardens, forests and hills. The entire campus is strictly a no-smoking and no-alcohol zone. Violation of this guideline is taken very seriously.

The weather is pleasant all year round, and light woollen clothes are recommended. We suggest you bring your walking shoes as well as rain gear along.


Programme Details:

Fees: ₹12,000 + ₹2,160 (GST@28%) = ₹14,160 (Programme cost including meals, accomodation and  wifi)

This programme is subsidised by the Trust to enable wider participation. To meet the basic workshop costs, you are requested to pay the participation fee as above including GST, per participant. If you wish to contribute to support someone else’s participation, please write to us at

Click here for information on how to reach Asia Plateau.


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