Refugees as Re-Builders™


The Refugees as Re-Builders™ (RRB) is an active programme for settled diaspora refugees’ leaders and professionals originating in war torn regions of the world. The programme’s three focus areas are:

  • Training courses that are specifically created to engage perspectives of refugees essential in rebuilding their home countries – if/when the opportunity presents itself. Covering key skills in three interlocking themes of Dialogue for Social Cohesion, Ethical Leadership for Just Governance and Sustainable Livelihood.
  • Faculty of Trainers, developing contents learning methodology and experiential outcome of the course
  • Mentorship in developing Community of Practice for all participants who completed the training courses

Access to the Full Curriculum

Thank you for your interest in the Refugees as Re-Builders™ Curriculum. Please note that this curriculum is restricted, and if you would like full access, please fill out the form below: