Migration in Conversation; February 2022

By Karl Schlagbauer

Karl Schlagbauer

An intergenerational dialogue to foster community cohesion through better understanding and trust in times of heightened social polarity

Initiatives of Change Sustainable Communities Programme in partnership with Brunel University Global Challenge students are entering phase one of their Intergenerational Dialogue project. Their first event will be held at the Brunel Campus on 9th February. We hope to see an engaging two-hour session with a reflective discussion led by students; Karl Schlagbauer (Social Cohesion), Nuradean Arreythe (Security), Alexis Pifeleti (Social Cohesion) and Giacomo Garberoglio (Planetary Health). Given the lively and diverse student population at Brunel University’s campus, complimented with the involvement of local decision-makers, this event’s discussion is sure to be as stimulating as it is diverse.

Migration continues to be one of the largest humanitarian concerns of our time. The United Nations has reported a staggering 272 million people migrating in 2019 alone. Given the rate at which people are migrating across the globe, external pressures are growing for migrant populations. It is high time that migration should be discussed and framed with an appreciation for the very interconnected nature of the problems it poses. As shocking as these numbers are, there is a person behind each statistic; a human being with a story of resilience, humanity, and hope.

Throughout the session, we are excited to discuss and hear perspectives from all around the room on:

  • Migration’s treatment in the political sphere.
  • Fear mongering and processes of ‘othering’.
  • Isolated and atomized societies with low trust levels.
  • Inspire change to build trust across the world’s divides

While this event stands as phase one of the students’ partnership with IofC UK’s Sustainable Communities programme, it will no doubt aid in equipping the students with the necessary insight to ensure that the intergenerational dialogue training in Hackney runs smoothly.

If you wish to join the event, it will be taking place on Wednesday 9th February from 12.30 to 2.30 pm at Heinz Wolff 001, Brunel University Campus, Kingston Lane, Uxbridge UB8 3PH

Download the flyer here

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