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By Communications Team

Communications Team

Why work for a charity?

Have you ever experienced that feeling that comes right after helping an elderly couple cross the street or a lost child find his parents? What about the feeling you experience when you connect with a person’s story of success? Is it overwhelming? Self-gratifying? Awe-inspiring? Now, take that feeling, multiply it and imagine that it is part of your everyday life. This is what working for a charity organization feels like.

Work satisfaction is also a benefit to working with a charity organization. Your satisfaction with your job directly affects motivation, productivity, and loyalty towards the charity. In today’s society, more people are looking at job satisfaction as a priority during their job search, and what could be more satisfying than helping people to be the change they wish to see in the world?

When you work for a charity organization, you take part in something larger than yourself, but with the aim of making the world a better place. Every day will bring new and exciting challenges and everyday you’ll be able to say that you’re making a positive impact for someone, somewhere, and that’s a powerful job!

Working with us

Initiatives of Change is a movement called to remake the world. We inspire, equip and connect people to take their first step in creating a just, equal, and sustainable society.

Through our unique approach, we have mobilised and empowered people to leverage their personal change in the charge to create global change for over 80 years. As a faith-based charity, we work inclusively with people of all faiths and none to make this possible.

In addition, we work with individuals, groups, and organisations to promote trust, ethical leadership and sustainable living. Through our initiatives, campaigns, and a network of volunteers we are leading the fight to build stronger communities, a just, peaceful and equal society, a sustainable planet, and an ethical global economy, one step at a time.


If you have a background in communications and/or marketing, we have a job for you! We are looking for a Communications and Marketing Manager to support the current Head of Communications and Marketing. The ideal person will have a strategic mind to help shape the communications function to best serve the next phase of the organisation’s vision. Take a look at the job description and if you think you fit the bill, apply today.

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