Take One Step to Change the World

We believe that we will change the world one step at a time. Making small changes in our own lives means that we will make big changes together.

We have the opportunity to contribute to stronger, diverse communities, enjoy a more peaceful, equal society, build a sustainable planet, and support an ethical global economy. And that change starts with the little things we can do ourselves.

That’s why we’re asking you to make a pledge as part of our Take One Step campaign. It’s a chance for you to do something differently – something that will make you feel good, and help to make a small change to the world around you.

Fill out the form below for a chance to be featured on our pledge wall and share your photos, stories and videos of your pledge, to help us to build a community of changemakers!

Take One Step today to start making a difference tomorrow.

Take one step to register and attend our events which focus on Trustbuilding. Sustainable Living and Ethical Leadership

Take one Step by donating your time to volunteer for us or help us fund our work by leaving a small donation


Do something for your community: Take one step to start an initiative in your local community or beyond and tell us about it by sharing your story, photos and videos

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