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Ian Corcoran

Ian Corcoran has been involved in the work of Initiatives of Change all of his life, and strongly believes in the values and aims of the movement. His parents both worked for most of their lives for the then Oxford Group and he, with his brother and sister were brought up in its homes and centres.

Ian worked as a full-time volunteer for the Oxford Group (MRA) for 15 years in many countries and spent three years travelling with the musical show Anything to Declare, through Europe, Asia and Australasia. He was instrumental in the production of music and audio recordings for the movement and later worked on producing MRA’s film documentaries in Africa, Asia, Europe, and in the UK.

Ian then worked for twenty years at the BBC on Drama, Art, News and Current Affairs- including Panorama, before leaving to work freelance. As a freelance editor, he worked for Channel 4, Discovery, Sky, Reuters, Saudi TV and the BBC, specialising in long format and current affairs documentaries. He has continued to use his specialist knowledge to further the work of IofC, including in the production of films based in Bosnia, Czech Republic, France, India and Nigeria.

More recently, Ian has been involved in the digitisation of IofC’s film archive at Caux in Switzerland and is currently organising the UK film archive here in London.

Ian’s strong Christian faith is central to his calling with IofC. He is married to Anna, who acted in some of the Westminster theatre productions as well as performing and helping in Caux over the years. Ian and Anna have two daughters and are delighted to have recently become grandparents. They live in West Sussex where Ian is on a number of committees for the Parish Council.