Launching our First RRB Curriculum

On the 16th July 2022 we launched the first full iteration of the Refugees as Re-Builders™ Programme Curriculum for training refugees. This included a detailed explanation and discussion on the Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced levels of the programme that aims to help re-settled refugees learn to be leaders and spearhead positive change in society.

Click here to view the abridged version of the Refugees as Re-Builders™ Curriculum.

The Curriculum was devised by Dr Muna Ismail, Head of the Refugees as Re-Builders™ Programme, Amanda Clements, Education Specialist, and Joseph Micallef, a member of the Refugees as Re-builders™ programme delivery team.

Dr Muna Ismail, Head of the Refugees as Re-Builders™ Programme, stated: “Being a refugee and having been given a chance myself, I appreciate the importance of being given a chance and what this means. Through this Curriculum, I am sharing the tools I learnt to help others start that journey and enhance their life experiences.”

During the event we heard from members of the Refugees as Re-Builders™ Alumni who have completed all levels of the course and are now using their skills to inspire more positive change in the world. They shared details of what the course has given them:

Khalid Kabash, RRB Alumni: “Through this course I have built excellent listening skills, learnt how to respond to challenging questions and I have learnt how I can build trust which is crucial for my community.”   

John, RRB Alumni: “I recently went to Uganda and, because of the skills I learnt on this course, I saw opportunities everywhere for projects to be started. I am thinking of advising people and showing them how to improve their livelihoods.”   

Nareeman, RRB Alumni: “One of my favourite modules is Dialogue for Social Cohesion. I have been able to use it at a personal and professional level. From it, I learnt how to actively listen to people and at the same time respond with my own opinions, ideas and beliefs without feeling intimidated and vulnerable.”

Co-Executive Director of IofC UK, Krish Raval, who welcomed attendees to the event also commented: “There is no better example of constructive engagement against the forces of hate than seeing the resources that are inherent in our refugee communities here and around the world. This is what this curriculum represents to us.”

Here are some of the comments shared by event attendees:

“I believe the RRB curriculum will be a major subject in the future of refugee studies.”

“It was inspiring to see how the trainers narrated their stories, how they left their country of origin, their educational background, how they joint RRB and how they transformed their knowledge and skills.”

Watch this video to see how the Refugees as Re-Builders™ course has positively changed lives during its pilot phase. For more information, or to register your interest for the course, click here.

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