Being a Refugee Re-Builder

Being a Refugee Re-Builder

20th June 2021, 1:30pm to 3:30pm BST

On World Refugee Day, join us for a webinar on Being a Refugee Re-Builder.

The refugee or diaspora re-builder, who takes root and settles in another country after being forcibly displaced from their country of origin, is a powerful concept. This re-builder is a human being who has weathered adversity, trauma and forced separation from their home and identity. The resilience of a re-builder has been demonstrated around the world since time immemorial, and is a narrative common to the human experience.

The theme of this webinar ‘Being a Refugee Re-Builder’, marking World Refugee Day 2021, is the resilience that lies at the heart of the journey of those displaced. Three refugees from different parts of the world will be sharing their stories: Gulwali Passarlay, Ahmed Ekzayez, and Khadidja Fadoul. These three refugees have turned their experiences of displacement into a strength, and in time, have used it for the re-building of their countries of origin, and contributing to the betterment of humanity at large. The webinar will be facilitated by Nareeman Dosa, an alumni of Initiatives of Change UK’s Refugees as Re-Builders programme.

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