December Business Circle – Advanced Conscious Leadership

December Business Circle – Advanced Conscious Leadership

15th December 2022, 4:00pm to 5:30pm GMT

Facilitated by Anton Smith, this series of Business Circles will centre around Leadership Values with reference to the Initiatives of Change’s Core Values identified below.

The question will be how Leaders can incorporate these values into their organisations. Of course, all 6 Values are interrelated – we can’t have Honesty without Trust Building but within each topic there are distinct aspects that matter.


Business Circle 4 – PURITY OF MOTIVE

Purity of motive…what does this mean and how does it manifest, or not, in behaviour and human interactions?

Sometimes, some people have a tendency to keep true motives a secret; what we often refer to as a hidden agenda. This means that a person will hide an impure motive behind external good-naturedness and an offer of “help”, whereas the true motive is to manipulate.

But there are other reasons why people hide what they really want – they may be afraid of asking for a need to be addressed – such as being anxious about asking for a pay rise, or asking someone for a date. Hiding one’s true reasons for engagement of some sort is not necessarily to do with impure motives.

Political and economic history, our experience in the workplace and in our relationships have given us all plenty of examples of deception and impure motive as well as, happily, examples of purity of motive. We can bring all these experiences and observations into our discussions.

Spaces are LIMITED for this session; first come, first served. Please note that all sessions are held on Zoom – we advise that you ensure your Zoom application, whether on desktop, browser, or mobile device, is the most current version. Please see Zoom Updates for more details.

This event is for anyone who’d like to share their experiences of Leadership, whether as a Leader, a Leadership Trainer or as one who has observations to make of their Leaders.

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