October Advanced Conscious Leadership Business Circle

October Advanced Conscious Leadership Business Circle

21st October 2021, 5:00pm to 6:30pm BST

As part of the ongoing development of the IofC UK Advanced Conscious Leadership Programme (ACLP), Business Circles are being offered online for those involved in Business and Social Enterprise Leadership, Leadership Learning at Business Schools and Leadership Coaches. The discussions are aimed at sharing factors such as leadership styles and changing organisational models, attitudes, offerings and products. We also welcome those not involved directly in Leadership but who’d like to share their experiences of their leaders.

Facilitated by Anton Smith, Business Circles are collaborative and open discussions that are not simply within a ‘post-pandemic’ perspective. These 90-minute discussions are grounded in an understanding that, for far too long, Leadership and organisational models and processes have not been people-centered nor holistic in approach. It’s time to focus on the ‘New Possible’, not the ‘New Normal’!

There is no fixed agenda and the session will reflect aspects of:

  1. Conscious/reflective leadership
  2. Authentic emotional intelligence
  3. Social and environmental awareness
  4. Long-term social and fiscal responsibility

We welcome discussion topics from all participants and, this month, we offer the following two topics to start the conversation but please feel free to suggest others.

  1. Dan Price’s success through paying himself less and all his employees more
  2. The beginning of the end of male posturing leadership?

Spaces are LIMITED for this session; first come, first served. Please note that all sessions are held on Zoom – we advise that you ensure your Zoom application, whether on desktop, browser, or mobile device, is the most current version. Please see Zoom Updates for more details.

This event is for business leaders across all sectors.

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