Learning to be a peacemaker

Learning to be a peacemaker

Young European Muslims were either born or brought up here. Their parents straddle ethnic and European cultures and often have an expectation that their children will be culturally more ethnic. However, many young Muslims are more comfortable with European culture, and Europe is ‘home’. This experience of young Muslims is not only limited to young European Muslims, but is experienced across the globe.

This programme defuses that tension and helps make young Muslims’ local and Islamic identities symbiotic. In the current environment of increasing hostility towards Islam, it is imperative that young Muslims form a confident identity to be at peace with themselves and others in an increasingly turbulent world.

Learning to be a Peacemaker (LPM) is a course on Islamic approaches to peacemaking for young Muslims and their non-Muslim peers aged 18-30. Designed and delivered by Imam and broadcaster, Ajmal Masroor, in association with Initiatives of Change, this 10 week course aims to offer:

  • Knowledge – providing factual information about the peacemaking culture in Islam and the wider context.
  • Connection – offering relationship-building opportunities between young Muslims and their counterparts in wider society.
  • Dialogue – empowering young Muslims and their peers of other beliefs to hold honest conversations.
  • Networking – connecting young people to take initiatives for peacemaking and building trust across divides

Course Overview

The 90-minute sessions each week will be delivered by Zoom, and the training style is interactive, with introductions to the subject-matter by Imam Ajmal, followed by Q&A and small-group discussions. At the end of the course, participants will plan a practical project to undertake at home to demonstrate learning and commitment to peacemaking.

Keep an eye out on the Caux Forum page for upcoming dates of the course.

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