Agenda for Reconciliation: Introduction to Peacebuilding and Trauma Awareness

Agenda for Reconciliation: Introduction to Peacebuilding and Trauma Awareness

2 x 3-hr online workshops, each comprising 1.5hr on Peacebuilding and 1.5hr on Trauma Awareness:

Part 1: 14.00 – 17.00 BST/UTC+1 Saturday 1 October 2022

Part 2: 14.00 – 17.00 BST/UTC+1 Saturday 8 October 2022

With Professor Barry Hart, pioneer in Trauma, Identity and Conflict Studies.

By registering, you are signed up for Part 1 and Part 2. It will be difficult to understand Part 2 if you have not attended Part 1. It will not be recorded.


Building peace in today’s world is clearly a difficult challenge, but one that can be addressed through theoretical and practical understandings of peacebuilding. Join us in a workshop where we will examine the causes of multiple types of conflicts, such as inter-group, community and societal-level conflicts, and explore how they can be transformed through peacebuilding intervention strategies. Real world examples of peacebuilding will be examined and participants will have the opportunity to begin discussing conflict situations in their own contexts.

Trauma Awareness:

Being trauma-informed is essential in these times of wars, natural disasters and pandemics. The workshop will look at the reasons behind high stress and trauma and examine ways to deal with both human-made and those traumas that are the result of natural disasters. We will examine different types of trauma, such as acute, severe, PTSD, secondary, historical and structural trauma, and explore the brain-body nexus regarding traumatization. Ways of transforming traumas will be discussed, along with the related subjects of resilience building and self-care. Post-workshop, participants will be encouraged to create their own self care plan.

The workshops are free of charge but contributions towards expenses are greatly appreciated. Donate here (specifying Agenda for Reconciliation).

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