Youth Voices for Human Rights

Youth Voices for Human Rights

The 2020 UN theme for Human Rights Day relates to the COVID-19 pandemic and focuses on the need to build back better. Grave violations and abuses of human rights are being perpetuated at an alarming rate in our society, yet too many people particularly those in power, are hostile or indifferent to these claims. It is only through the inclusion of all voices, of today’s youth, that we can build back better and break the cycle of human rights abuses.

At this event we heard from four remarkable young leaders who had overcome challenging odds and have dedicating their lives to find practical solutions through their deep convictions to heal divisions and work towards a more just and fair future. Speakers addressed the critical role that they play to inspire, equip and empower individuals, policy makers, and organisations to make societal change.

Read about the event in our report.

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