Getting Out of Traps

29th July 2019

These thoughts are based on a talk given at the Oxford Group AGM, London, 16 July 2019

Brexit or no Brexit, The UK Remains a Part of the European Ideal

28th March 2019

The European Union is far more than just an economic or political union. The European Union, and the continent it sits in, is at its best a geographical, cultural and spiritual union between peoples of a great range of ethnic, linguistic, religious and cultural heritages.

Walking the Talk

7th February 2019

This article first appeared in 'the Friend', the Quaker national weekly magazine, on 25 January 2019, in the ‘Thought for The Week’ slot.

Gemma Perkins from The Self Leadership Initiative

5th September 2018

The Self Leadership Initiative was set up by Gemma Perkins in 2014, as a training organisation that helps young people develop the skills they need to be effective changemakers in society. Using discussion spaces, team games and play techniques, they are supported to develop soft skills and leadership techniques. It…

An Interview with Tsegga Seyoum Medhin

20th August 2018

All around the world there are changemakers; people making a difference. Some of them came from difficult backgrounds, but have gone on to do great things. Tsegga Seyoum Medhin is one of them. She joined us at our monthly outreach meeting, and here Francesca Baker chats to her to find…

Therapeutic Hand Cream

7th August 2018

Sehadet Ekmen has an unusual approach to helping refugees deal with the trauma of war. Yee-Liu Williams finds out more.

Reflective Report on Towards Inclusive Peace Forum

30th July 2018

From the 11th to the 15th July 2018 a delegation of people from across the world ascended up the mountain to meet in the breathtaking palace we know as Caux, and were surrounded by glorious weather and magnificent views across Lake Geneva. Amongst the delegates were thirty individuals from our UK…

Different Pasts and Shared Future

27th June 2018

On 20 June, after Initiatives of Change (IofC) launched its Refugees as Rebuilders project in Parliament, we hosted guests at Greencoat Place to celebrate World Refugees Day. This was a creative and collaborative event featuring music, art, discussion and food from individuals from many cultures. The event was held in…

Giving a Global Peacemaker Back to the World

25th June 2018

A documentary film about Frank Buchman, initiator of the movement now known as Initiatives of Change, was launched in the British Parliament on 5 June, and then to a large public audience in central London. Produced by film-makers Imad Karam and Kelly Burks, The Man Who Built Peace has already won five awards internationally.

Courage Calls to Courage Everywhere

27th May 2018

Creators of Peace UK hosted a visit from Iman Al Ghafari and Ola Al Darwish who run Creators of Peace Circles in Damascus, Syria sharing inspiration of how women are supporting one another in the midst of war. How do you prepare for peace whilst a violent conflict is still…

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