Creators of Peace President's Day Lunch

10th August 2022

On Saturday 30th July, International Friendship Day, Initiatives of Change UK and Creators of Peace UK hosted a President’s Day in honour of Amina Dikedi-Ajakaiye, who has just stepped down after six years as the Creators of Peace’s International President.   The day was celebrated with a hybrid event, hosting people…

Launching our First RRB Curriculum

16th July 2022

On the 16th July 2022 we launched the first full iteration of the Refugees as Re-Builders™ Programme Curriculum for training refugees. This included a detailed explanation and discussion on the Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced levels of the programme that aims to help re-settled refugees learn to be leaders and spearhead positive change…

IofC UK Summer Away Day 2022

29th June 2022

Some special memories were made on 11th June at the IofC UK Summer Away Day! Creator’s of Peace UK and the IofC Oxford team organised a guided walking tour of beautiful, sunny and historic Oxford as well as a garden party with lots of tea and cake to celebrate our…

IofC UK Celebrate World Refugee Day 2022

27th June 2022

Monday 20th June 2022 was World Refugee Day! Initiatives of Change UK’s marked the day with a collaborative discussion and workshop event with St Ethelburga’s which explored resilience and adaptation for future climate created refugees. Medical Doctor, public health academic and activist, Dr Rita Issa, shared simplicity and purposeful ways to…

How Artistic Expression is Helping Towards my Healing Process

24th June 2022

Josephine Apira tells us how she began to release by sharing her journey from Uganda to the UK as a refugee through artistic expression, and how it has helped her to communicate some of her experiences. What happened to her family 30 years ago is still happening now in Uganda and her hope is to empower other refugees to use art to tell their individual stories this World Refugee Day and beyond.

RRB Alumni Project - A Medical Centre and a School in Ba'ad, Somalia

4th May 2022

Juneydi Farah and Aideed Mohamud are two Refugees as Re-builders™ (RRB) alumni who graduated from the course in 2020. They got to know each other by participating in RRB and bonded over a shared desire to support their home country of Somalia. They have developed initiatives and fundraised to support…

Democracy Needs a Moral Backbone

7th April 2022

Many of us in Western Europe and North America have enjoyed seven or more decades of comparative peace. There have been international conflicts involving our armed forces but no direct threat to our own territory. So it has come as an enormous shock to see a ‘special military operation’ conducted…

Presentation to the 81st AGM of IofC UK

23rd February 2022

A statement made by Gerald Pillay, President of Initiatives of Change International, to members of the Oxford Group at the 81st AGM.

Qualities and Strategies of Peacemakers Live with Dr Alan Channer

11th February 2022

Catalysing Change through Film and Communications

Refugees as Re-builders™: Meet the Alumni, Khaled Kabash

28th January 2022

I am Khaled Kabash, 37 years old, a Syrian, a father to four children, an agriculture engineer, and currently a settled refugee in Turkey since early 2013. I finished high school in 2008, graduating from the Faculty of Agriculture in Aleppo, Syria. My career started in 2009 when I joined…