Refugees as Re-Builders™ Foundation Course

Are you a refugee who wants to help rebuild your home country?

Have you been a refugee for more than five years? Are you passionate about giving back to and serving your home country?

Then sign up today to participate in Refugees as Re-Builders™ Foundation Course. The course is designed, developed, and run by Initiatives of Change UK. We are now offering the course online due to Covid-19, and so that participants globally can join the course.

What’s the goal of the course? To strengthen the capability and expertise participants already possess as rebuilders, providing them with the resources and practical tools needed to potentially design and facilitate workshops within their diaspora communities and countries of origin. Refugees as Re-Builders™  aims to empower you to contribute to your country of origin and/or diaspora community, by giving you access to knowledge and skills that you may not otherwise receive through academic studies or work experience.


The course covers three interconnected modules:

  • Dialogue for Social Cohesion
  • Ethical Leadership for Just Governance
  • Sustainable Livelihood for Resilience

The Foundation Level will take place on Zoom (the induction session will include a Zoom tutorial). It consists of 10 sessions on Saturdays, 10-12:00 and 14-16:00 UK time [please note that British Summer Time will be observed from 28 March]:

Sat 6 February: Induction
Sat 13 February: Dialogue for Social Cohesion 1
Sat 20 February: Dialogue for Social Cohesion 2
Sat 27 February: Dialogue for Social Cohesion 3
Sat 6 March: Ethical Leadership for Just Governance 1
Sat 13 March: Ethical Leadership for Just Governance 2
Sat 20 March: Ethical Leadership for Just Governance 3
Sat 27 March: Sustainable Livelihood for Resilience 1
Sat 10 April: Sustainable Livelihood for Resilience 2
Sat 17 April: Sustainable Livelihood for Resilience 3 (plus an evening celebration)

To obtain a certificate, you will have to attend the Induction Day on Saturday 6 February, plus at least 7 of the 9 content sessions.


Applicants are expected to:

  • Have a good standard of spoken and written English
  • Join the course using a suitable device (laptop, tablet or smartphone)
  • Be actively involved in serving their community at local, national or international level
  • Actively participate in the entire duration of the course
  • Comply with RRB Principles of Participation (to be agreed before the start of the course)
  • Arrive 5 minutes before the session starts, ready to begin on time

If we are oversubscribed, a selection process will take place, which may involve a interview via phone or video call.

COST: Free. Contributions towards the cost of the course would be appreciated.


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