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May Advanced Conscious Leadership Collaboration Circle

Have you ever wondered how you can become more impactful as a leader in the digital age? What does it take to lead successfully now and in the future?

We will discuss:

  • A balanced approach to leadership – moving towards greater diversity
  • How to show up confidently and feel empowered
  • How a balanced approach is the answer to many modern-day challenges

If you want to help shape the working world of tomorrow, come and join us on zoom to explore how collaboration can take place beyond gender stereotypes.

Thursday 19 May, 12:00-13:30pm



May Advanced Conscious Leadership Business Circle

For the current series of Business Circles, we’re addressing “Leadership Essentials” as identified below. The objective is to share views, attitudes, leadership theory, practice, and experiences in order to establish improved/enhanced models for the most effective form(s) of Leadership.

Thursday 26 May, 17:00-18:30pm



Creators of Peace – Peace Circles

Peace Circles are the core component of the Creators of Peace programme. 

This intensive weekend Peace Circle explores 10 themes centred around creating peace that include listening to others, the power of forgiveness, and inner peace. 

This hybrid program starts with an introductory evening online and then 2 days in person.

Peace Circles are only open to women, including trans women, as a way of creating safe space.


Thursday 30 June, Saturday 2 July – Sunday 3 July



Refugees as Re-builders Curriculum Launch

The Refugees as Re-Builders™ Programme of Initiatives of Change UK is launching the first full iteration of its curriculum for training refugees on Saturday afternoon on the 16th July 2022. We will have a symposium and Luncheon at 24 Greencoat Place, Victoria, London SW1P 1RD. We will also livestream the symposium online for those who cannot make it in person.


Saturday July 16, 13:00-16:30pm



Qualities and Strategies of Peacemakers

Qualities & Strategies of Peacemakers (QSP-online) is a course of five modules, each based on a film about outstanding peacemakers. The films show examples of reconciliation after conflict in a variety of contexts: inter-national, inter-religious, inter-ethnic and post-colonial. After an introduction and viewing of the film, participants take part in an interactive analysis facilitated by Dr Omnia Marzouk and/or Peter Riddell.

Monday 6 – Friday 10 June



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