Refugees as Re-Builders™ Foundation Level Online

Refugees as Re-Builders™ Foundation Level Online

The Refugees as Re-Builders™ course aims to empower settled refugees to contribute to their countries of origin – as well as their host countries – by giving them access to knowledge and skills, they may not otherwise receive through academic studies or work experience. Its purpose is to strengthen the capability and expertise participants already possess and to provide them with opportunities to explore, discuss and reflect on their own experience.

The course is designed to enable and equip participants with the resources and practical tools needed to successfully design and facilitate workshops within their diaspora communities and countries of origin. Ethical and spiritual principles underpin the course. The course provides space for people of different backgrounds to build trust across the divides of ethnicity, class and religion and develop values-based leadership. Through the programme, participants will identify how to utilise and share this lived experience, and in doing so contribute to the rebuilding of their countries of origin.

Check out the Refugees as Re-Builders™ webpage to see when the next course is taking place.

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