Giving a Global Peacemaker Back to the World

25th June 2018

A documentary film about Frank Buchman, initiator of the movement now known as Initiatives of Change, was launched in the British Parliament on 5 June, and then to a large public audience in central London. Produced by film-makers Imad Karam and Kelly Burks, The Man Who Built Peace has already won five awards internationally.

Courage Calls to Courage Everywhere

27th May 2018

Creators of Peace UK hosted a visit from Iman Al Ghafari and Ola Al Darwish who run Creators of Peace Circles in Damascus, Syria sharing inspiration of how women are supporting one another in the midst of war. How do you prepare for peace whilst a violent conflict is still…

A Sponsored Birdwatch

23rd May 2018

Is it possible to raise money for a worth-while cause and have fun at the same time? Clearly, people raise massive amounts for charity by doing the London marathon and getting sponsorship. But is that fun? I love bird-watching, and have done for 40 years. One Sunday morning, sitting in…

Stories of Hope from the Middle East

21st May 2018

A report of the May 10 event.

Sustainable Communities - 'Together we can change the community.'

21st May 2018

On 9 May 2018 representatives of numerous organisations gathered at the heart of Islington’s most diverse community as part of the Sustainable Communities National network meeting, in collaboration with Take 1 Step and Light Project Pro International where the event was held. Over 50 people from diverse backgrounds, ages and…

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