Changemaker Stories

Being Bilal

6th December 2019

Why did Bilal Hassam swap his stethoscope for reality TV? He talks with Yee-Liu Williams and Jonathan Ranger.

Out of a lightless sky

6th December 2019

Aged 12, Gulwali Passarlay travelled 12,000 miles to safety in the UK and now offers a beacon of hope for other child refugees. He talks to Yee-Liu Williams.

Drums no guns – healing the community

6th December 2019

Ram Bhagat helps survivors to find healing through the rhythm of the drums. He talks with Yee-Liu Williams.

Centre stage for social reform

6th December 2019

Pamela Jenner tells the story of a theatre which reached out to the factories and mines of post-war Britain.

Painting from within

6th December 2019

For over 20 years, Su Riddell has been painting in silence with friends and strangers.

Where only puppets can go

6th December 2019

Raven Kaliana uses puppets to raise awareness of child trafficking and aid recovery from trauma. Lucy Patterson interviews her.

Dancing to freedom

6th December 2019

Indian arts helped Rupal Maru weather a painful childhood. Now she offers their power to others. She talks to Davina Patel.

Islamic windows on the west

5th December 2019

Marwan Bassiouni’s powerful photographs capture the diversity of Islam in the Netherlands. He talks to Davina Patel.

Strong like Jorge

27th June 2019

Lucy Patterson and Amanda Clements see living proof of the power of sport to transform lives.

Inspiring young voters

27th June 2019

Law student Hanine Al-Nassar doesn’t care who you vote for, as long as you vote. Irene de Pous finds out more.