Changemaker Stories

Inspiring young voters

27th June 2019

Law student Hanine Al-Nassar doesn’t care who you vote for, as long as you vote. Irene de Pous finds out more.

On the ropes

27th June 2019

Mark Taylor urges young people to drop the knife and pick up the gloves. He talks to Lucy Patterson.

Hit the road, Jack

27th June 2019

Jonathan Ranger finds out what brought Dwayne Jack back to prison.

Manna from heaven

27th June 2019

Why did Dr Bremley Lyngdoh look to the skies to save Myanmar’s mangrove forests? Yee-Liu Williams finds out.

What is Sakira doing in the police?

27th June 2019

Sakira Suzia is not your stereotypical police officer. She talked to Pam Jenner.

Hope on the landfill

27th June 2019

For 10 years, José Carlos León Vargas has been working alongside the people who live around a huge rubbish tip in southern Mexico. He writes:

There is a right and a wrong

27th June 2019

Civil servant turned politician, Siobhan Benita, talks to Francis Evans about democracy, fake news and a brighter future ahead.

Saving my own life

27th June 2019

Psychology coach and trainer Ricky Gill has been to most of the dark places the mind can take you to. He talks to Federica Dadone.

250 rupees well spent

27th June 2019

Born in poverty, Suresh Vazarani set out to transform healthcare in India. The new President of Initiatives of Change International talks to Mary Lean.

Pillow power

10th December 2018

What can a pillow do for women in rural India? Fritha Vincent enlightens Federica Dadone.

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