Blog Stories

Drums no guns – healing the community

6th December 2019

Ram Bhagat helps survivors to find healing through the rhythm of the drums. He talks with Yee-Liu Williams.

Where only puppets can go

6th December 2019

Raven Kaliana uses puppets to raise awareness of child trafficking and aid recovery from trauma. Lucy Patterson interviews her.

Hit the road, Jack

27th June 2019

Jonathan Ranger finds out what brought Dwayne Jack back to prison.

A long way from home

29th July 2016

Yee-Liu Williams meets Shabibi Shah, whose books are ‘a simple cry’ for the world’s refugees.

A New Europe

29th July 2016

Jens Wilhelmsen talks to Francis Evans about his experiences of post-war Europe.

Journey of reconciliation

8th December 2015

Cathy Nobles followed the First Crusade’s route to Jerusalem to ask forgiveness for the Crusades. Now she is applying the lessons in Luton. She talks to Ranna Mosavie.