Blog Stories

Reaching a wounded generation

2nd August 2021

Rumbi Mukoyi’s experience of not belonging spurred her to create African Youth Arise. She talks to Mary Lean.

Prayer Rug Selfies

9th September 2020

Marwan Bassiouni explores the relationship between photography, faith and the passing of time by photographing his prayer rug on a daily basis.

Being Bilal

6th December 2019

Why did Bilal Hassam swap his stethoscope for reality TV? He talks with Yee-Liu Williams and Jonathan Ranger.

Islamic windows on the west

5th December 2019

Marwan Bassiouni’s powerful photographs capture the diversity of Islam in the Netherlands. He talks to Davina Patel.

Woman of honour

10th December 2018

Jamila Sajid tells Jonathan Ranger that Muslim men have no right to dictate to women – and her husband, an Imam, agrees.

Family affair

10th December 2018

Samiya Lerew talks to Yee-Liu Williams about the challenges facing British-Somali families, FGM, and graduating on the same day as her son.