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When unshakable faith ignites street peace

29th July 2016

Yee-Liu Williams meets an ex-bouncer and part-time Methodist preacher, who believes that celebrating gang culture could be an answer to inner-city crime.

The power of slow

29th July 2016

Aleksandra Shymina goes for a walk with Rohan Narse, investment banker turned mindfulness proponent.

Making Herstory

29th July 2016

Onjali Raúf tells Davina Patel why we all need to break the silence surrounding violence against women.

From rags to dignity

29th July 2016

The lack of sanitary protection adds to the misery of women refugees. Amy Peake has found a solution. She talks to Mary Lean.

Planting the future

29th July 2016

Refugees have a lot to contribute, Dr Muna Ismail tells Aleksandra Shymina.

A New Europe

29th July 2016

Jens Wilhelmsen talks to Francis Evans about his experiences of post-war Europe.

The root of happiness

8th December 2015

Ashley Muller reflects on the experiences which have shaped her passion to work for change.

Positive News

8th December 2015

Genevieve Boast, Founder of Beyond Human Stories, interviews Sean Dagan Wood, editor-in-chief of Positive News, the world’s first publication dedicated to reporting on progress and possibility. Sean is a changing the way we read the news. His vision is for a media that, rather than triggering fear, instead triggers the human spirit. Positive News informs, inspires and empowers people.

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