Changemaker Stories

Democracy begins with children’s rights

8th December 2015

How we treat children determines whether they will grow up to create a just society, writes Jonathan Levy.

More than a drop in the ocean

8th December 2015

Amina Khalid fled from war in Somalia and now works for peace. She talks to Davina Patel.

Why I blew the whistle

8th December 2015

When Genevieve Boast found that stock was going missing at the company where she worked, she faced a difficult decision.

Journey of reconciliation

8th December 2015

Cathy Nobles followed the First Crusade’s route to Jerusalem to ask forgiveness for the Crusades. Now she is applying the lessons in Luton. She talks to Ranna Mosavie.

The root of happiness

8th December 2015

Ashley Muller reflects on the experiences which have shaped her passion to work for change.

Positive News

8th December 2015

Genevieve Boast, Founder of Beyond Human Stories, interviews Sean Dagan Wood, editor-in-chief of Positive News, the world’s first publication dedicated to reporting on progress and possibility. Sean is a changing the way we read the news. His vision is for a media that, rather than triggering fear, instead triggers the human spirit. Positive News informs, inspires and empowers people.

Mental Health is not a taboo

25th June 2015

Abdi Gure is addressing the stigma of mental health in London’s Somali community. He talks to Yee-Liu Williams.

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